Recent Publications

M. Campbell, G. Anelli, E. Cantatore, F. Faccio, E. H. M. Heijne, P. Jarron, J. -C. Santiard, W. Snoeys and K. Wyllie, "An introduction to deep submicron CMOS for vertex applications," Nucl. Instr. and Meth. A,Volume 473, 1 November 2001, pp 140-145 (pdf -file).

M. Campbell, "Electronics for Pixel Detectors," Proceedings of the Seventh Workshop on Electronics for LHC Experiments, Stockholm, Sweden, 10 - 14 September 2001, CERN/LHCC/2001-034, pp 11-16 (pdf-file).

X. Llopart, M. Campbell, D. San Segundo, E. Pernigotti, R. Dinapoli, "Medipix2, a 64k pixel readout chip with 55mm square elements working in single photon counting mode," presented at the IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference, San Diego, California, USA, 4-10 November 2001, submitted to the IEEE Trans. Nucl. Sci. (pdf-file).


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